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“The Ten” at Grand Valley back on his feet.

by John OReilly on December 12, 2011

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Earlier in the year, I was hunting a deer that was clearly not very active. I saw him once at about fifty yard. (click here to see footage…I also put it below this article). I hunted him about ten times during the first three weeks in November. I gave up as soon as the temperatures dropped into the thirties. I know what you are thinking, and dont worry, I dont cosider myself a ‘real’ hunter either. But I was worried that he had been killed or moved on to another home. I hadnt seen him or got a trail camera pic in about two weeks. He has resurface in the same area and even gave us a daytime pic about fifteen yards from a stand. It is actually the same stand that Casey shot his cool non-typical deer from last year (click here to see caseys non-typical)

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