Boone and Crocket Bluegill Day at Peoria County 207 Acres

by John OReilly on April 16, 2012


Check out these pics. Talk about an impressive bluegill day! I need to go with Chef Todd on some of these trips…I’ve never experienced a day like this.

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  1. Thanks for the comment Luke. Those fish were released after the pic. I don’t let my guys keep bluegill or big bass. However, the owner was a little disappointed that we didn’t keep them. The lake is professionally managed and it is overpopulated with bluegill. They are trying to change that.

  2. pp/acre, taxes, amount in swamp, lake(s), home sites, building(s), access to property, maps, etc., etc. — all the usual appreciated. serious inquiry.
    Thanks, tim

  3. sorry for mistaken e-mail address on earlier maiing. Asking the usual questions, such as total price, percentage of property in lake, swampland,, home sites, well(s), utilities available, taxes, etc. etc. In short, any and all info available to serious inquirer/buyer.

    Thanks, Tim

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