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The 3006 acre John Buck Farm (Fulton County, IL) all officially Pending!

by John OReilly on April 21, 2012

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Illinois Land Company finished selling The John Buck Farm by selling a 2557 acre parcel last week. Every tract of The John Buck Farm is now officially under contract. A 3006 acre farm all pending in less than 3 months!

Add this to a week in which Illinois Land Company sold two farms in Knox County totaling about 225 acres and one 180 acre farm in Peoria County and its safe to say Illinois Land Company had its best week in recent memory. Illinois Land Company is now on the prowl for more listings! If you or anyone you know is looking to sell a farm, we would love the opportunity to talk to you and show you what we can do. Our results speak for themselves, but we are sure you will be impressed by our progressive and innovative approach.

It was a pleasure working for Mr. Buck and all his employees…without question, an exceptional group of people from top to bottom. This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding projects I have had the opportunity to work on.

10 Fish over 5 pounds caught on the Cable Lake of Tract 3 on the John Buck Farm

by John OReilly on April 5, 2012


Flip through the pics above (using the arrows or by clicking on the pictures) to see how amazing the fishing was. These were all caught Tuesday, April 3. I lost one of the sd chips which showed several more 3 pound plus fish. Quite simply, the day was amazing. Chef Todd of the Illinois Land Company ProStaff and his boating partner boated several 5 pounders, one 6.2 pounder, and one 7.4 pound bass! All in one afternoon! Amazing. They also took a break from the bass fishing to try their hand at Crappie Fishing. They boated nearly 40 keepers before they switched back to trophy bass fishing.

I fished with Kelly Presley of Presley Outdoors. We caught dozens of fish including several in the three pound range. Our highlight was when Kelly snagged two big catfish within about five casts of each other.

I will add the new pics as soon as I find the other camera.

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Tract 7 and 5 Pending at The John Buck Farm!

by John OReilly on March 7, 2012

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Things are moving quicker than ever before for us. Otter Creek is sold in three weeks and now tracts 5,7,8,9, and 10 of the john buck farm have all sold within the first month or so. I expect another 2 tracts to fall very shortly. We also have some big plans in the works for the John Buck Farm that I will be able to reveal very shortly. I can give you this hint…if you are looking for a smaller tract with BIG water or waterfowl hunting…stay tuned or get in touch!

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Tracts 9 and 10 Pending at The John Buck Farm

by John OReilly on February 21, 2012

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Things are going quickly at The John Buck Farm. Tract 8,9, and 10 have sold within the last few weeks and we expect a few more of them to fall shortly. This farm is truly amazing. The guys that bought 9 and 10 are great hunters and I look forward to seeing the monster deer that they are going to harvest off that property.

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Video up for tract 5 of The John Buck Farm! 20 acre private lake!

by John OReilly on February 17, 2012


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Just finished the video for Tract 5 of The John Buck Farm. Check it out. I am surprised this tract hasn’t sold yet. I thought it would be the first to go. Definitely one of my favorites. Only 83 acres with a private 20 acre stocked lake. Awesome waterfowl, fishing, and whitetail. That sort of recreational piece is hard to find in such a small acreage.

Help me out and forward this to anyone that you think might be interested!