New LandCo Listing: 100 Acres in McDonough County

by John OReilly on November 18, 2013

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Check out this new listing in McDonough County. Country living at it’s finest. This property has more to offer than I can possibly list on this website. Beautiful house, shed, CRP income, a nice little pond, hardwood timbers, Big Bucks and the list goes on and on.

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New Videos, Pics, and Tract Divisions up on Auction Page for 963 Acre Land Auction in Fulton County.

Click here to register for public land blind permits at many of the state parks! Lottery draws going on now.

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Wired to Fish - Otter Creek

Otter Creek Lake Video

by John OReilly on August 15, 2013

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The boys from Wired to Fish were down at our family lake in Astoria Illinois. My father gave a quick rundown of the history and management of the lake.  The place has turned out incredible.  The last tournament that I know of took 6 fish 27 pounds to win.  Not bad for a lake that is only 5 years old! Thanks a ton Wired to Fish. The video turned out great.


Bernadotte Cafe open again!

by John OReilly on July 30, 2013

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The best breakfast cafe in Fulton County is open again after clean up/repair from the spoon river flooding. They have what we feel is the best homemade breakfast sandwich in the history of the world. If you have land or hunt around Fulton County and have never been, do yourself a favor and visit this place for breakfast. Bernadotte, Illinois. Can’t miss it.

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New LandCo Blog Design!

by John OReilly on July 22, 2013

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LandCo is proud to announce that we are rolling out our new blog design. Our blog has been a major reason for our success.  However, it was due for an upgrade! Our goal for the new design was simplicity and cleanliness.  Currently, the majority of our clients read the blog from their phones or tablets (as opposed to our main site…which is still predominantly accessed on computers).  Consequently, this design is very mobile friendly.  It will also work hand in hand with our new main site…which should be finished in the next few months.  We are super excited.

We will definitely be tweaking the site over the next few months while we get used to it.  We appreciate your patience during the transition.  It will take a few weeks to get all the content transfered over correctly with new coding.  Some of our posts may show some coding on the blog…we are working on that now and should have it resolved soon.

If you have any suggestions on the new site, we would love to hear them!


New Illinois Land Company Partner – John OReilly

by John OReilly on January 30, 2012

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My name is John OReilly and I have recently purchased part of Illinois Land Company. As a partner in Timber Creek Land Company, I have worked with Illinois Land Company a lot in the past. I am excited about the direction the company is headed and I think I can help Illinois Land Company reach its lofty goals. Similar to Timber Creek over the last two years, we will focus here on media rich content so you can get a true feel for the properties we have listed. We will release property videos, hunting videos, fishing videos, and all ILC related news here on this blog. Illinois Land Company has sold nearly $7,000,000 over the last seven months and we anticipate the next seven months being even better. I am excited to be on board!