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Illinois Land Company Pro Staff Announced – to allow unprecedented marketing of ILC Listings

by John OReilly on July 16, 2012

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Illinois Land Company is proud to announce the 2012/13 Pro Staff. The Pro Staff is an assembly of passionate and skilled hunters and fisherman from around the area. The objective of the Pro Staff is simple…to provide Illinois Land Company realtors with a real time comprehensive assessment of each and every listing of Illinois Land Company. This will allow Illinois Land Company to market their properties like no one in the industry. These assessments will be real time, meaning we won’t use trail camera or fish pictures from ten years ago…our marketing material will be real time and continuously updated as new Pro Staff members assess each and every property.

Bottom line is this…Illinois Land Company has introduced this unique project to better serve our customers. Sellers benefit because ILC will be able to market their properties like no other company through our professional assessments and continued attention to each and every property. Buyers benefit as they know exactly what they are buying through professional detailed assessments. We are excited about our team and look forward launching this project!

More details, pro staff projects, and announcements to come soon!

John O’Reilly

John is the owner of Illinois Land Company. He grew up in the land industry as his father has bought and sold farms throughout his entire life. The OReilly family has bought and sold more than 20,000 acres. It was this project where John developed his appreciation and understanding for recreational land.

Ryan Pudik

Ryan has worked in the land industry for the last decade. He has managed premiere farms gaining a great knowledge about developing and improving farms. His whitetail hunting success is unparalleled with three deer over 173 inches over the last three years.

Nate Herman

Nate is the owner of Herman Brothers Pond Management and an Illinois Land Company realtor. Nate has developed what has become the leading land management company in Illinois. Starting in the lake management business, lakes knowledge of fish and fish stocking is second to none. They have know expanding to cover all forms of land management and education.

Kelly Presley

I grew up in and around the outdoors, learning the ropes hanging around my family’s store Presleys South Side Worm Ranch in Peoria, IL, now Presleys Outdoors in Bartonville, IL. I now manage Presleys Outdoors, spreading my knowledge about the outdoors to all of our customers. Fishing & waterfowl hunting is my passion, passing that passion down to my son Tyler.

Bob Rask

Bob runs a family business in Knox County that delivers fuel and hauls rock to local landowners. He also operates an excavation company that specializes in lakes and trails. His passion for hunting is now being passed along to his son, who harvest his first buck just last year at the age of 10.

Brad Belser

Brad is the owner of Bradley Blinds – the finest waterfowl pits available. His outdoor passion extends well beyond waterfowl hunting. Chasing whitetails is also an extreme interest of his and he has harvested some deer that put him in an elite class.

Casey Carey

Casey has helped Illinois Land Company since its origin. His whitetail knowledge has helped ILC develop some world class hunting properties. This knowledge also resulted in several record book deer on his wall. Simply one of our go-to guys when it comes to whitetail hunting.

Dustin Birkel

Growing up in Central IL has provided me ample opportunities to hunt and fish some of the best woods and lakes around. Deer hunting and fishing are two of my greatest passions, although wing shooting from time to time with the guys never gets old. I am fortunate and honored to work with Illinois Land Company due to their honest reputation and proven property management techniques. In addition, having a son on July 4, 2012 gets me excited to share the outdoors with the next generation.

Aaron Literski

No biography yet. Check back soon.

Darron Birkel

No biography yet. Check back soon.

Food Plot Phil

I have degrees in game preserve management, shooting complex management, and agriculture/forestry. i have experience; managing hunting properties, training dogs, guided hunts in Kansas and Illinois, and am a certified level 1 wingshooting instructor.

Luke McKonkey

No biography yet. Check back soon.

Chef Todd

Chef Todd has developed an unparalleled reputation as one of the finest cooks around…especially when it comes to wild game dishes. However, his passion for outdoors is his full time hobby. His fishing knowledge is relied upon very heavily by many ILC clients.

Mark Coons

Mark got his start in the hunting and fishing world working at Presleys Outdoors as a kid. He has maintained his passion for the outdoors…especially fishing and ice fishing. Along with Frank Bury, he takes the rest of the teams money every fishing tournament.

Frank Bury

No biography yet. Check back soon.

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Dan Gannaway

No biography yet. Check back soon.

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