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Price  drop on the 1/5 ownership of 319 acres in Fulton County to $2950/acre! Includes access to biggest lake in Fulton County! Click here to access the listing page.

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850 Acre Fulton County Auction to launch in late 2013

by John OReilly on August 22, 2013

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LandCo and iAuctionandRealty have teamed up to host an auction of around 850 acres in the Heart of Fulton County, outside of Canton, IL. The property features huge strip mine lakes, strip mine timber, and tillable fields. At this point, we are still gathering information, accumulating marketing material, and deciding how to divide the property.

To monitor the auction and receive updates when we add new information, visit and sign up at this site…

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Wired to Fish - Otter Creek

Otter Creek Lake Video

by John OReilly on August 15, 2013

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The boys from Wired to Fish were down at our family lake in Astoria Illinois. My father gave a quick rundown of the history and management of the lake.  The place has turned out incredible.  The last tournament that I know of took 6 fish 27 pounds to win.  Not bad for a lake that is only 5 years old! Thanks a ton Wired to Fish. The video turned out great.

Electrofishing at the 1000 acre listing in Fulton

by John OReilly on July 23, 2013

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Check out these pics. This place is managed by Herman Brothers Pond management and has been producing giant fish year after year. See the property listing page here.

Illinois Land for Sale

LandCo announces new Illinois farm listings totaling over 2650 acres!

by John OReilly on May 21, 2013

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It has been a busy few weeks for Land Co. Below are brand new available listings! Highlighted by a 1000 acre tract in Fulton County and a 11,000 lodge in Fairview, Illinois, these listings are some of the best we have ever had.  Some recreational, some tillable.  Click the button below to read about all the new linstings!

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New Listing in Fulton County – 155 acres with 110 Tillable!

by John OReilly on March 14, 2013

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Check out this new listing. Just east of Canton in an awesome waterfowl spot right by Cilco Lake. Get all the info and more pics by click here.

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New Video up on 37 Acres of Waterfowl Hunting in Fulton County

by John OReilly on March 14, 2013

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Update: Property Pending

5.8 & 4.6 Pound Bass Caught on First ILC Pro Staff Trip to 64 Acres in Fulton County

by John OReilly on July 17, 2012

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Our first official pro staff trip went exceptionally well. Frank Bury and Mark Coons headed to the main lake on our 64 acre listing in Fulton County. We call it 64 acres because that is how the math breaks down, but it is actually a 1/5 ownership of 319 acres. You get to use the entire property. It has three lakes. The one that Frank and Mark fished was not only the biggest lake on the property, but the biggest lake in Fulton County. It is enormous. The property is also has awesome deer and waterfowl hunting. For more details on the property, see the listing page here.

Fishing trips during the heat of the summer aren’t always indicators of the quality of fishing. Hot long days can slow up even the best lakes, so Frank and Mark hit the main lake with little expectations. The focus was more on the lake assessment … water quality, structure, etc… However, even the hottest day couldn’t slow down this lake.

Mark had this to say about the property…

My first impression of the property is that its a great looking piece! It’s perfect for enjoying on the weekends with friends and family. It has great lake access to accommodate any size boat. The lake is a monster in size!  We fished for three hours and only fished one side of the finger we launched in, which is probably only 5-10% of the lake. The fishing seems to be really good considering we started during the hottest part of a mid 90 degree day and still managed to catch over a dozen bass including two great fish – one weighed in at 5.8 and the other at 4.6. My son caught the 4.6 pound bass using a plastic worm, which is not always an easy bait for a 6 year old to use. The Berkley Power Worm seemed to be the hot lure that day (click here to buy Berkley Power Worm online at Presleys Outdoors) .Water quality and depth were excellent.  It was a clear lake but not too clear to hurt the fishing.  The lake is extremely deep! In my opinion, though, the coolest part of the lake is that it is a target rich environment with tons of rocks,brush and trees to cast at, which is not always the case with stripmine style lakes.

Illinois Land Company Pro Staff

Great day fishing at the 64 Acres in Fulton County

by John OReilly on June 18, 2012

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We always like to check out the lakes on the properties we have for sale. This allows us to market exactly what type of fishery we have for sale. This property is going to take a while to analyze simply because of the vast amount of water. Despite some blistering weather, ProStaffer Chef Todd was able to get into some monster bass. His analysis is that the 20 acre lake offers some awesome fishing with great sub surface structure. He also commented that the lake clearly was not pressured. He was only able to fish for a few hours before it got smoking hot and the fishing shut off. We are excited to get back on this lake under better conditions. Check out the pics though…caught some great fish for only a few hours on the water.

This property is being offered at $232,000 which is an unbelievable value. It is a 1/5 ownership of 319 acres that sits on a 100+ acre lake. So the buyer of this tract gets to use over 400 acres of hunting and fishing land.

Click here to see the listing page with pics and video!

Fulton 319 Wetland and Lake Pic 1

New Listing! 64 Acres in Fulton County – Fishing, Waterfowl, & Deer!

by John OReilly on May 31, 2012

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This is one of the coolest opportunities we have seen here at Illinois Land Company. It is a 1/5 ownership of 319 acres in Fulton County just west of Canton. It literally has everything you could want in a central Illinois farm. Most impressively, it sits on what we believe is the biggest lake in Fulton County. Our google earth measurement had it at 135+ acres. The main stretch of this lake has to be over 4 miles. It is super long. In addition it has a 20 acre lake, 8 acre lake, and several ponds. It features over 120 acres of row crops meaning each owner brings in around $5,000 annually. The waterfowl hunting is incredible. The property sits just north of MSD on the Cuba Blacktop, so it couldn’t be in a better area. All the tillable is huntable and there is also an awesome 6-8 acre wetland with pits that they plant and flood. There is over 100 acres of timber for awesome whitetail hunting. Lastly, there is a lakeside park with power, a building with bathroom and kitchen, a boat dock, and a sand beach. Just an awesome setup. Check out the video below.

Click here to go to the listing page to see all the pics and aerials.