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Timber Creek Friends Brad Belser an Chris Rush are at it again in Fulton County

by John OReilly on November 17, 2011

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Brad Belser and Chris Rush are whitetail killing machines. No other way to put it. Brad bought a Timber Creek owned and managed farm three years ago and has been managing it the same ever since. The continue to harvest giant whitetails off this 222 acre parcel in Fulton County. Here is a blog from last year where they both killed great deer. Brad is the founder and owner of Bradley Blinds. They are the best goose and duck pits I have ever hunted out of. I bought one for our Otter Creek farm in Fulton County. To access the Bradley Blinds website click here… Bradley Blinds.

Chris and his wife Lacey are at the top of the saltwater world in the Ft Myers/St Pete area. I have fished with a ton of guides down there and none of them compare to these guys in terms of success and enjoyment. If you are ever on the Florida Gulf Coast and want to go fishing, these are your guys. Brad and I have been fishing with him for several years and have been friends ever since. Check out his website here… Rush Charters.